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K, Ella
K, Estera
K., Ella
Kab, Max
Kabaker, Gayle
Kadmiri, Aziz
Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik
Kahlo, Frida
Kahn, Andrea
Kahn, Claire
Kahn, Michael
Kai, Tong
Kaiser, Jutta
Kalella, Akseli
Kalina, Emily
Kalsbeek-Vlasma, Klaske
Kam, Jin G.
Kamikura, Joyce

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Kunstenaar Wassily Kandinsky

"Born in Moscow in 4 December 1866, Wassily Kandinsky was one of the most important pioneers of abstract art. He was educated at the University of Moscow, where he studied economics and law. In 1896 he declined the offer of Professorship of Law at the University of Dorpat and instead embarked on a completely different career path by moving to Munich to study art. It took Kandinsky 10 years to find his bearings. His first works are representational, utilising impressions from his travels. It was after 1908 that he broke free of traditional constraints and, increasingly eliminating the representational elements from his work he produced, in 1910, Europe’s first abstract painting, which was a completely non-representational watercolour. Kandinsky’s earlier admirers found hard to assimilate. The advent of Nazism in 1933 drove Kandinsky out of Germany to Paris, where he spent his remaining years and where he eventually became a French citizen. It was here that he attained his third and last peak, where his Russian and Mongolian side found expression. Wassily Kandinsky died on 13th December 1944."

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