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D Alesi, Hugo
D Salusti
D'Aguiar, Stacy
D'Aguiar, Stacy
D'Errico, Camilla
D'Orbigny, M.Charles
Da Fabriano, Gentile
Da Forli, Melozzo
Da Pisa, Giovanni Di Nicola
Da Ponte, Leandro
Da San Lorenzo, Paolo
Da Santa Croce, Girolamo
Da Venezia
Da Vinci, Leonardo
Désiré, Magalie
Dag, Inc.
Dagnaux, Albert Marie
DAgostino, Judith
Dagoty, Jacques Fabian Gautier
DAguiar, Stacy

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Kunstenaar Guy Dekeryver

... born in 1949, he lives and works in France. A flair for the dramatic

Illustrations and drawings are the basis for the expressive, dynamic pictures by the French painter who goes by the pseudonym Dekeryver. He depicts sailing ships cutting through churning waves with a trained eye, which is particularly impressive for anyone who has ever witnessed such scenes for themselves. With his painter’s flair for the dramatic, Dekeryver recreates the wide variety of situations which sailors are confronted with on the open oceans. In these works, the observer literally experiences the danger firsthand.The perspective chosen by the artist only heightens the sense of drama.


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