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B Creative
B., Mikael
B. Design, Mikael
Babbit, Gwendolyn
Babbitt, Gwendolyn
Bacci, Leonardo
Bach, Marci
Bache, Otto
Bachmann, Constance
Backhuysen, Ludolf
Bacon, George Washington
Bacon, Henry
Bacon, John Henry Frederick
Bagdatopoulus, William Spencer
Baggetta, Marla
Baglietti, Marinella
Bahner, Bertram
Bail, Joseph

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Kunstenaar Clare Beaton

"Clare Beaton was born in Stanmore, Middlesex, in 1947 and brought up in London. As a child she attended a Catholic convent and was inspired particularly by her art teacher at secondary school, Mother Mary Ethelreda, towards an artistic career. She trained at Hornsey College of Art and has been a full time professional artist for many years.Clare Beaton works in fabric collage. Every one of her pieces is hand-stitched, using as many vintage fabrics, buttons and accessories as possible. She draws and researches each piece first, then traces, cuts and pins out each subject before hand stitching, pressing and stitching on any final 3D additions like buttons, sequins and beads.The focus of her career has been on the writing and illustrating of children’s books. She writes and illustrates in pen-and-ink activity and craft books for children, and creates fabric collage picture books for the very young.Clare Beaton likes naïve art and the use of what would now be called “found” objects by untrained artists. She also admires American patch-working skills, folk art from around the world and Matisse for his use of colour and shape.Clare Beaton has won many awards for her illustrated books in the United States. “Elusive Moose” was shortlisted in 2008 for the Kate Greenaway Prize.Her hobbies include reading, cinema, travel and collecting unusual new pieces for her work like vintage fabrics, buttons and beads."

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