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F"llmi, Oliver
Fab Funky
Faber, Greetje
Faber, Wilhemus Antonius
Fabiano, M
Fabiano, Marco
Fabre, Francois-Xavier
Facciolo, Enzo
Factor, Beverly
Faed, John
Fagalde, Jarman
Fagalde, Jarman
Fagan, Edie
Fai, Fong
Fainelli, Deanna
Faint, Grant

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Kunstenaar Caspar David Friedrich

"Caspar David Friedrich was born in 1774 and is probably the greatest German Romantic painter. He has also become one of the most highly regarded artists in the history of landscape painting.Friedrich was born on the Baltic coast, in Greifswald, and studied at the Copenhagen Academy. Thereafter he settled in Dresden, where he lived a quiet and introspective life, relying on deep contemplation to summon up many of the images he later depicted on canvas.He began his artistic career as a topographical draftsman and did not begin to paint in oil until 1807. Thereafter he rapidly acquired a major reputation, not least because of his unusual choice of subject matter and his painting of aspects of nature which had not previously been considered appropriate, including endless stretches of mountains or sea, or foggy landscapes seen in unusual lights. The landscapes he painted thus often included a sense which has been described as “haunting spirituality”.Towards the end of his life, his reputation waned and he became virtually forgotten, but the rise of Symbolism at the end of the 19th century stimulated interest in his unusual paintings and generated his reputation for greatness which is maintained today.Friedrich died in 1840."

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