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D Alesi, Hugo
D Salusti
D'Aguiar, Stacy
D'Aguiar, Stacy
D'Errico, Camilla
D'Orbigny, M.Charles
Da Fabriano, Gentile
Da Forli, Melozzo
Da Pisa, Giovanni Di Nicola
Da Ponte, Leandro
Da San Lorenzo, Paolo
Da Santa Croce, Girolamo
Da Venezia
Da Vinci, Leonardo
Désiré, Magalie
Dag, Inc.
Dagnaux, Albert Marie
DAgostino, Judith
Dagoty, Jacques Fabian Gautier
DAguiar, Stacy

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Kunstenaar Salvador Dali

A legend in his own lifetime, Dalí, who was born 1904 in Figueras, joined the surrealists in Paris in 1928 and became one of their most vehement proponents. His veristic dream painting was stimulated by psycho-analysis. He combined with fantastic ease the realistic material world with morbid and pathological alienation. He placed the objects and shapes in new surrealistic relationships in that he changed their relationship to one another. He often included the themes of older masters in his works or created so-called ”double paintings“, in which a human being was composed of objects. Dalí loved spectacular self-presentations and activities, with which he could both amuse and shock, right up to his death in 1989

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