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O Toole, Tim
O´Connor, Eoin
O'Brian, K
O'Casey, Breon
O'Connell, Steve
O'Connor, Eoin
O'Connor, John
O'Flannery, Jill
O'Kane, Dermot
O'Keeffe, Georgia
O'Mara, James
O'Neil, Henry
O'Neill, Brian
O'Neill, Hugh
O'Toole, Michael
O'Toole, Nancy
O'Toole, Michael
O'Toole, Nancy
O'Toole, Tim
O’Dell, Dale

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Kunstenaar Bernard Ott

 born in 1952, he lives and works in France.--- Variation

If one were to describe Bernard Ott’s work, one could say it was contemplative. Indeed, his stilllifes excite us and appeal to our senses. His floral compositions are feats of audacity. The artist fashions his flowers with bold strokes of the brush, using warm and vibrant colours. He designs with broad and thick stabs of a knife. Complying with the pattern of these colour symbioses, the artist permits himself some aberrations by penetrating the "damped" places where dancers and musicians come into close contact.

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